Rentals & Sales

At McKenzie Scaffolding, we understand that job requirements vary from customer to customer, which is why we offer both sales and rental of sectional scaffolding to accommodate the needs of your project.

Our inventory base has evolved into a full range of products to serve a variety of access needs.

Scaffolding Rental Equipment

Below are examples of commonly used scaffolding equipment. We have many more components available.
Please contact us for a custom quote.

5, 3.5 and 2 foot wide adjustment scaffolding frames for rent near Eugene and Springfield.

5’, 3.5’ & 2’ Wide Adjustment Frames

5 food and 3.5 foot wide arch frames come with scaffold rentals near Eugene, OR.

5’ & 3.5’ Wide Arch Frames

Aluminum deck for rent at scaffolding rental companies near Springfield, OR.

Aluminum Decks

Base jacks for rental scaffolding near Eugene.

Base Jacks

Base plates and used scaffolding for rent.

Base Plates

Casters for scaffolding and equipment rental in Springfield Oregon.


Coupling pins for scaffolding rentals in Eugene and Springfield.

Coupling Pins

Cross braces for residential scaffolding rental.

Cross Braces

Goosers for equipment rentals in Eugene Oregon.


Guard post for safeway scaffolding in Eugene.

Guard Posts

Guard rail for stair scaffolding rental near Eugene, OR.

Guard Rails

Ladders and brackets for rent with scaffolding rentals.

Ladders and Brackets

LVL planking for rent with scaffolding rentals near Springfield, Oregon.

LVL Plankings

Right angle clamp for rent with scaffolding rental.

Right Angle Clamps

Safe stage with locking wheels available with scaffolding rental.

Safe Stages

Scaffolding tubes for rent near Eugene Oregon.

Scaffolding Tubes

Side and end scaffolding brackets for rent near Springfield.

Side and End Brackets

Socket jacks and equipment for rent in Springfield Oregon.

Socket Jacks

Stair units and stair scaffolding rental near Eugene Oregon.

Stair Units

Swing gates and swing scaffolding rental.

Swing Gates

Swivel clamp scafolding rental in Eugene Oregon.

Swivel Clamps

Trash chute and equipment rental near Springfield Oregon.

Trash Chutes

Trash chute hopper for scaffolding rental near Springfield Oregon

Trash Chute Hoppers

Our Scaffolding Fits Your Needs

We offer both sales and rental of sectional scaffolding to accommodate the needs of your project.